目に優しいシリコンハイドロゲルレンズ、全商品無料発送, 度ありレンズ、FDAの承認を受けた信じられる製品です。

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This is the drop shipping method.Drop shipping is that consumers, sellers and manufacturers are connected in the form of a triangle.If you (seller) want to start an online business, you sell color contact lenses on the net and you tell us the purchase information and address of a consumer, we will ship the product to a consumer from South Korea.
We are a company that manufactures and sells color contact lenses in South Korea.This site is a site that is operated by our company.We are selling in Japan.Our company has been supplying lenses to the net sales people (online business) of Japan in the form of drop shipping in Japan.

 Currently, we are looking for corporate and individual sales agents who want to sell our products to Asians living in Europe, North America, South East Asia, South America and China on the Internet. In particular, we welcome people who will sell in Japan.Korean color lenses are the product that accounts for about 60-70 percent of the global lens market.EMS.K-Packet The method of selling directly to retailers and glass shops with a small purchase or bulk purchase The minimum quantity is 50 units. The sales price on the site is the price of purchasing 50 units once. If you want a bulk purchase, you can purchase at a cheaper price than the price listed on the site. Please contact us by email or bulletin board. Since our company operates the factory, we are able to process a large quantity.
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